Our winery

This is us...

winemakers with passion!

Karl-Josef Thul (Dipl. Ing. Viticulture & Oenology), combine tradition with modern knowledge, bring in new ideas and always try to get a little better, are his goals. In addition to his work in the vineyard, he accompanies the path of the wine from the grape to the filled bottle.

Cornelia Thul (viticultural technician), in addition to her work in the vineyard, she looks after the Straußwirtschaft, but above all our guests in the vacation apartments as well as the customers at home. Administration, shipping and coordination are important so that everything runs smoothly, she keeps everything together. She is the good soul of the house.

Karl-Jürgen Thul (winemaker), winemaker with heart and soul, therefore also loves to be out in the vineyards. Taking care of the vines until harvest is his main job, unless a construction site at the winery demands his attention.