Our wines

Variety in your glass

Here you will find an overview of our wines, divided into four categories:

On the flat to sloping sediment terraces around Riol and Thörnich, which the Mosel created in the course of the last ice ages, grow the estate wines for every day, as well as part of our pinot grapes.

The terroir wines of the Schieferklang – series come from steep vineyards of Thörnich and Detzem, where stony soils dominate.

The best plots in the top vineyards of the Thörnicher Ritsch, Detzemer Maximiner Klosterlay as well as the Eselspfad in Riol are reserved for our particularly high-quality wines. Above all, the stock of old vines with real roots produces above-average qualities every year.

In addition, we offer excellent sparkling and semi-sparkling wines, which provide the ideal pleasure for every occasion.

We will be happy to send you a current wine list upon request.

Single vineyard wines

Our top growths from the steepest vineyards, classified single vineyard (grand cru) and old vines. Together with painstaking manual work, unique wines are created.

Riesling “Im Schneidersberg” Thörnicher Ritsch dry

Spätburgunder “Eselspfad” Rotwein dry (36 month in barrique)

Riesling “alte Reben” off-dry

Riesling Thörnicher Ritsch Kabinett fruity

Riesling Maximiner Klosterlay Spätlese fruity

Riesling Maximiner Klosterlay Spätlese “Fass 31” fruity

Riesling Thörnicher Ritsch Auslese fruity

Riesling Thörnicher Ritsch Beerenauslese fruity

Terroir wines

Riesling handpicked from traditional slate steep slopes and Burgundy from the sediment terraces - white and red

Riesling Schieferklang dry

Riesling Schieferklang off-dry

Riesling Schieferklang Kabinett fruity

Riesling Kabinett alte Reben fruity

“Für Dich” (for you) cuvée off-dry

Pinot blanc

Blanc de Noir

Pinot noir

Estate wines

wines for every day - uncomplicated drinking pleasure from the sediment terraces

Riesling dry

Rivaner dry

Pinot noir Rosé dry

Redwine cuvée “DOREMO” dry

Redwine cuveé “DOREMO” off-dry

Riesling dry 1,0 L

Riesling off-dry 1,0 L

Sparkling wine

a sparkling pleasure

Riesling brut

Rosé de Pinot brut

Pinot blanc – blanc de blanc nature

Secco off-dry